Sublingual Immunotheropy

What is sublingual immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy has the effect on the cause and mechanism of disease (allergy) by administering the gradually increasing doses of cause-significant allergens to the allergy patients. It develops the tolerance or “immunity” to the allergen and reduces the severity of allergy symptoms.

In contrast to the injection method, the allergen is administered in the form of tablets during the sublingual immunotherapy. This therapy starts from the small doses with gradual increase in the amount of administered allergen. The tablet is placed under the tongue and held until completely dissolved.

Is the sublingual immunotherapy safe?

This type of immunotherapy is safe for both adults and children. Patients take medicinal products (tablets) at home instead of visiting the clinic continuously (several times per week) (this differs the sublingual immunotherapy from the injection immunotherapy). The World Health Organization (WHO) approved the sublingual immunotherapy as the possible alternative to the injection immunotherapy.    

What is the efficiency of the sublingual immunotherapy?

The high efficiency of the sublingual immunotherapy is confirmed for the allergic rhinitis in both adults and children, bronchial asthma in children. The sublingual immunotherapy is equally well tolerated by adults and children, demonstrating the high safety profile.

How long shall the treatment last?

To form more stable and long remission of the disease, the recommended period of therapy is 3 years. The optimal course of therapy shall be determined by the consulting allergist.

What is achieved in the course of the sublingual immunotherapy?