Dosage form

Salt-water extract of 10,000 PNU / ml, 5 ml


One medicine bottle contains:

active ingredient: - plant pollen

Other ingredients: sodium chloride, dihydrogen phosphate of potassium, sodium phosphate, 4% solution of phenol and water.


Allergens are water-salt extract of protein-polysaccharide complexes isolated from Pollen of Maple ashextracting by neutral phosphate buffered solution. An allergen is a clear liquid from light yellow to dark brown colorwith specific odor.


Drug in the volume of 5.0 ml is placed in a glass bottle, sealed with a rubber stopper and crimped with aluminum cap. The bottle of 10 ml with instructions for use in State and Russian languages ​​is placed in a cartoon.

Storage conditions

Dry, dark place at a temperature of 4º C to 8º C.

Storage life

2 years

Drug should not be used after the expiration of date, printed on the package.


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