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The term “allergy” is known enough not only to doctors but also to many people who have no relation to medicine. Here is one of its definitions: allergy - a state of heightened sensitivity to any substance, accompanied by tissue damage and the development of specific inflammation. It is known to almost everyone that allergy is accompanied by inflammatory phenomena. However, not everyone knows what substances can trigger an allergic reaction. An allergen is needed for allergy reaction. Development of allergic inflammation is impossible without allergen. What are allergens?

Allergens are substances that cause the sensitization state (hypersensitivity) of the body and allergic reactions. Allergens, as well as other foreign particles, cause a reaction from the immune system, when ingested, but this response is inadequate and results in inflammation. Allergens are primarily the foreign proteins, lipids, mucopolysaccharides of animal or vegetable origin, the compounds of non-protein nature and some small molecules - so-called haptens (chemical, pharmaceutical), which acquire the properties of an allergen after interaction with human blood proteins or tissues.

The vast majority of allergic reactions are caused by allergens, which entered the body from the environment. They are everywhere; we meet with them at home, at work, on the street. The following substances can be included in ekzoallergen:

  • Pollen (pollen of trees, grasses and weeds);
  • Food (any food);
  • Epidermal (wool, hair, skin, feather, dander, nails, saliva, and other components of human or animal);
  • Household (house dust, house dust mites);
  • drug (any drug or its metabolite, that is what form acquires the medicine when interacting with the organism);
  • Bacterial;
  • Fungal;
  • Chemical.

Allergens are what has always been and will be present in the life of a person suffering from allergy. However, on how to build your relationship with them, the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of your life will depend on!