Diagnosis and Methods of Treatment

Allergy tests

Diagnostic method implies skin-sampling «invivo», as well as method of «invitro», studying blood antibodies.

Formulation of skin allergy samples is a traditional and reliable method of allergy diagnosing, identifying method of specific sensitivity of the organism. Skin allergy tests typically include skin prick tests (injection method), scarification (scratch method) and  intracutaneous samples with different sets of allergens.

The essence of the method on skin allergy samples is as follows. Certain allergens apply on the inner surface of the patient’s forearm skin. Application of allergens is carried out either by intradermal injection, or making small scratches and dripping the allergens solutions on scratches. The special panels that include the most common antigens are used for skin allergy sampling.

Once the allergen comes into contact with skin, a reaction begins to develop. From the intensity of skin reaction to an allergen (swelling, redness) the doctor deduces how strong the patient's body reacts to the presented antigen.

Thus the "guilty" allergen is revealed and the treatment is prescribed.

Treatment methods:

There are few treatments for allergic diseases. Currently, practitioners apply three science - based treatment methods:

Method of vaccinotherapy is to inject a "guilty" allergen (pollen) for the given disease in incremental doses, so the treatment lasts from one to three months, outpatient or home with subbuckal method.

Allergen can be administered to the patient in various ways: